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We are committed to excellence

NUWEIGH are a leading manufacturer, supplier and service provider of weighing equipment to the Australian market. We have a comprehensive range of high-quality products which are tested and designed in our state-of-the-art facility. With our expertise, including Trade Measurement advice, you can trust NUWEIGH to deliver the right weighing equipment for your specific requirements.
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A rich history of providing exceptional weighing equipment with decades of experience.

NWS NUWEIGH was founded in 1976 to provide weighing equipment service and calibration to industry throughout New South Wales (NSW).

During the 1980’s NUWEIGH expanded to design and develop software management systems for the weighing industry, including weighbridges and industrial scales. By the late 1980’s, the company started to manufacture the NUWEIGH brand of scales using the innovation and experience of the employees.

By the late 1990’s, NUWEIGH became a trusted and well-known brand that had established distribution networks across Australia.Over the years NWS NUWEIGH has faced many challenges along the way but has never compromised from our core values of trust, honesty and respect. We have continued to innovate and expand our operations to become a leading brand in the Australian weighing industry. Today, from our state-of-the-art head office facility, NUWEIGH has over 65 amazing staff and remains a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the very best weighing solutions, excelling in the delivery of these services and being second to none for customer service.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the very best weighing solutions, excelling in the delivery of these services and being second to none for customer service.

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Excellence in weighing

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“Excellence in Weighing” refers to our technical excellence in the products and services we provide to our customers. We achieve “Excellence in Weighing” through

1.    Being a “complete service” weighing company providing weighing solutions and services across a broad range of industries and weighing technologies. These technologies include weighbridges, belt weighers, retail scales, medical scales, high precision laboratory balances and weighbridge software management systems and development.

2.    Designing and manufacturing weighbridges, platform scales and other industrial weighing equipment specifically for the Australian market.

3.    Designing and developing innovated software solutions for a broad range weighing applications, from weighbridge applications to laboratory applications.

4.    Establishing strong relationships with global partners and using our 300 years of combined experience to bring the very latest weighing technology to our customers in Australia.

5.    Investing in specialised testing equipment  such as the “GrandRidge” high capacity testing machine, and high precision mass comparators. Our test equipment is second to none to provide low tolerance calibration scale reports.

6.    Maintaining third party accredited quality systems through NATA and other registered organisations.

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Excellence in Delivery

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 “Excellence in Delivery” refers to our commitment to delivering weighing products and services to our customers in a professional, courteous and safety conscious manner, that enhances the customer experience in dealing with NWS NUWEIGH. We provide “Excellence in Delivery” through

1.    Our commitment to safety.

2.    Respecting the environment.

3.    Adhering to our customer’s policies, rules and regulations.

4.    Keeping our customers informed through high communication channels.

5.    Working with our customers to get the job done.

6.    Arriving on time, every time.

7.    Presenting ourselves and our equipment in a professional manner.

8.    Following internal quality procedures such as the “NUWEIGH 1 Quality” principle.

9.    Doing it right, the first time. Not taking shortcuts.

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Excellence in Service

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“Excellence in Service” has been the cornerstone of the company’s success since its inception. Service has built our company and remains the single most important discipline in our business. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service in every area of our business from our sales and service staff to our administration and management team. We achieve “Excellence in Service” by

1.    Communicating with our customers.

2.    Listening to our customers.

3.    Always dealing with our customers in a courteous and respectful manner.

4.    Having reception staff receive customer phone enquiries.

5.    Maintaining high-quality backend IT systems.

6.    A real person answering our telephones every time they ring.

7.    Providing a 24-hour 7 day a week service.

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Meet the NUWEIGH team

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Rodney Mace

Managing Director

Rodney Mace has over 40 years of extensive weighing industry experience since joining NWS NUWEIGH in 1983. As Managing Director, Rodney's passion lies in creating long-term relationships with clients by providing quality products and superior after-sales support.

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Darren White

Operations Manager

Darren White joined NWS NUWEIGH in 1994 as an Apprentice Weighing Technician. Now as Operations Manager, Darren is still focused on the Service and Technical aspects of Weighing. Darren is passionate about ensuring that the products we manufacture and the services that we offer are of the highest standard available.

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Renai Mackaway

Business Manager

Renai Mackaway has been working with NUWEIGH for over 18 years. Throughout her career at NUWEIGH, Renai’s goal has been to always ensure that a positive and supportive work environment is created for the NUWEIGH team. Renai has always been a strong advocate for her employees, and she makes sure that they are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their job to the best of their abilities.

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Marcus Graham

IT Business Solutions Manager

Marcus joined NWS in 2001 and has over 30 years of experience in information and technology. Marcus has particular experience with high-end weighing and weighbridge software management systems. Marcus always delivers quality solutions to his clients and has built long, trusted relationships throughout Australia.


Daniel Relf

Sales and IT Manager

With over 15 years of experience delivering technical solutions, Daniel now applies his skills to providing industry-leading weighbridge systems. With a passion for weighing, automation, and weighbridges, Daniel and his team are committed to exceeding customer expectations with every opportunity.

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Sharon Cohen

Finance Manager

Sharon Cohen joined NWS in 2019 bringing with her 30 years of experience in accounting and finance. Sharon is focused on ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of financial information provided to directors and others within the organisation. Sharon is committed to supporting the management team with the essential financial information needed to make business decisions at NWS NUWEIGH.