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NWS NUWEIGH is a trusted authorised partner of RADWAG and is your point of call for the supply, calibration, repair, or service of your RADWAG analytical balances, moisture analyzers, mass comparators, microbalances, precision balances, and entry-level balances.

NWS NUWEIGH ensures that every RADWAG balance and scale is as technologically advanced as possible when it reaches your hands while being extremely easy to operate.

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Anti-Vibration Tables

RADWAG Anti-Vibration tables have been designed to eliminate ground vibrations during the operation of laboratory equipment such as microbalances, analytical and precision balances. Available in stainless or mild steel.

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Analytical Balance

AS R2 Range

The RADWAG R2 Analytical Series are precise solutions due to a range of modern constructional and system solutions that guarantee reliability, precision and accuracy of measurement.

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Density Balances

RADWAG Density Determination Kits are a perfect accessory to suit the R1,R2 and X2 range of balances to assist in calculating density.

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Moisture Analyser

PMV 50.5Y

RADWAG PMV50 Microwave Moisture Analyzers provide the highest of accuracy analysis significantly reducing drying time by heating the whole samples volume. Results can be determined in as little as 1 - 10 minutes.

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Precision Balance

PS R2 Series

RADWIG PS/R2 Precision Balances feature an automatic internal weight adjustment, providing high-end accuracy in all laboratory environments. The capacity of these balances ranges from 210gms to 10,100gms

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Precision Balance

WLC K Series

RADWAG WLC/K Precision Balances are equipped to allow fast and accurate determination of mass in a laboratory and industry environment.

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Analytical Balance

XA 5Y Range

The RADWAG 5Y Elipsis Analytical Balances determine weight measurement with superior and impressive accuracy. A large 10 inch digital touchscreen display with advanced functionality offers the very best in weighing technology.

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Mass Comparator

APP 30.5Y

RADWAG APP 30.5Y Mass Comparators enable adjusting mass standards and weights to OIML recommendations. This weighing device is used both for ensuring the traceability of mass measurements and verification of test masses.

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Analytical Balance

AS X2 Range

The RADWAG X2 Analytical Series of balances feature a colour touchscreen interface along with a superior weighing chamber including fully automatic internal calibration to provide precise measurements.

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Precision Balance

PM C32 Series

RADWAG PM.32 Series High Capacity Precision Balances guarantee accuracy and repeatability. The internal 'Monoblock' weighing technology ensures stability and repeatability in challenging ambient conditions.

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Precision Balance

PS R1 Series

RADWAG PS/R1 Precision Balances represent a new standard when it comes to delivering high accuracy and repeatability when mass measurement results are imperative.

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Precision Balance

WLC A2 Series

RADWAG WLC/A2 Precision Balances are equipped to allow fast and accurate determination of mass in a laboratory and industry environment.

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Entry Level Balance

WTC Series

RADWAG WTC Precision Balances enable fast and accurate mass results. Featuring an internal rechargeable battery, this allows the unit to be operated off mains power in all working environments.

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NWS NUWEIGH have a wide range of weighing equipment to suit all applications. Explore our categories to find the right product for you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our friendly team a call on 1800 684 554 for expert advice.


Analytical Balances

Dive into a realm of unparalleled precision with NUWEIGH's analytical balances. Designed for professionals who demand absolute accuracy, our analytical scales seamlessly merge sophisticated technology with user-friendly features.

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Precision Balances

NUWEIGH provides a full range of precision balances with accuracies from 1mg to 1g and in a variety of capacities and platter sizes.

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Micro Balances

Featuring the world's most advanced technology, NUWEIGH provides a full range of microbalances to the Australian market.

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Laboratory Accessories

NWS NUWEIGH stock a full range of accessories to accompany your laboratory balance.

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Entry Level Balances

NUWEIGH offers a versatile range of entry level balances. These models are economical and practical and primarily provide 1g to 0.01g accuracies.

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Moisture Analysers

NUWEIGH offers a complete range of moisture analysers, featuring an in-built heating chamber and a variety of intuitive displays to determine this moisture content through the drying process.

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Mass Comparators

NUWEIGH offers high-precision mass comparators typically used in calibration and testing laboratories.

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Industry-leading Technology

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NWS NUWEIGH  is proud to partner with RADWAG, a globally recognised leader in industrial and laboratory weighing solutions. For over 50 years, RADWAG has been at the forefront of technological innovation, developing a comprehensive range of high-precision weighing instruments renowned for their accuracy, reliability, and durability.

Built for Demanding Environments

RADWAG's industrial scales are carefully engineered to withstand everyday use in harsh industrial settings. From bench scales and floor scales to digital indicators and industrial balances, their diverse product portfolio caters to a wide range of applications across various industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Quality Control

Accuracy in the Lab

Researchers, scientists, and technicians around the world trust RADWAG laboratory balances to deliver exceptional performance. Their advanced technology gives users the utmost reliable accuracy and results in a variety of scientific disciplines, such as:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Material Sciences

Innovation at the Core

NUWEIGH ’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technological advancements is evident in our partnership with RADWAG. Each RADWAG product is at the forefront of the weighing industry.

This dedication to progress translates to instruments that are not only highly accurate but also user-friendly and equipped with features that enhance efficiency and improve workflows.

The RADWAG Difference

NWS NUWEIGH  chooses to partner with RADWAG because its commitment to precision and quality aligns perfectly with our own values. When you select a RADWAG weighing instrument, you're not just investing in equipment; you're gaining a partner to achieve uncompromising accuracy and efficiency in your weighing applications.

Explore the Power of RADWAG

At NWS NUWEIGH, we offer a comprehensive selection of RADWAG industrial and laboratory weighing solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how RADWAG technology can elevate your operations.

Analytical Balances

Dive into a realm of unparalleled precision with NUWEIGH 's analytical balances. Designed for professionals who demand absolute accuracy, our analytical scales merge sophisticated technology with user-friendly features.

Precision Balances

NUWEIGH  provides a full range of precision balances with accuracies from 1mg to 1g and in a variety of capacities and platter sizes.

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