Industrial and Commercial Scales

Silo and Tank Scales

NUWEIGH provides Trade Approved silo and tank scales that are effective in determining the weight of the content of your tank or silo.

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Tank and Silo Load Cell

DWP 1-10t

NUWEIGH's DWP 1t to 10t Load Cell Mounts are a fully engineered solution for silo and tank applications.

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High Capacity Tank and Silo Load Cell

DWP 30-50t

NUWEIGH's DWP 30-50t Load Cell Mounts are fully engineered solutions for silo and tank applications, able to withstand heavy capacities with vertical load protection. Connect to any control device.

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NWS NUWEIGH have a wide range of weighing equipment to suit all applications. Explore our categories to find the right product for you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our friendly team a call on 1800 684 554 for expert advice.


Floor Scales

We design and manufacture a full range of heavy-duty platform scales. Available in a range of capacities and finishes.

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Platform Scales

We stock a full range of platform scales for a variety of environments. Portable, easy to maintain and available in a range of capacities and platform sizes.

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Animal Scales

Discover precision and reliability with NUWEIGH's range of animal scales. From vet scales perfect for clinics and dog weighing scales trusted by breeders, to robust livestock scales essential for farmers, our collection meets the diverse needs of the animal care sector in Australia. Every animal scale in our range is designed to offer unparalleled accuracy, whether you're seeking small animal scales for pets, cattle weight scales for larger breeds, or specialised animal scales. NUWEIGH is your go-to destination for top-quality pet scales and cattle scales for sale in Australia, ensuring every weight measurement is both precise and efficient.

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Pallet Jack Scales

Effortlessly move and weigh stock with safety and precision using NUWEIGH's top-tier pallet jack scales. These aren't just tools for transport; they represent both advanced weighing solutions and robust design, trusted by businesses across Australia. Marrying the functionality of a pallet jack with the exactitude of modern scales, our offerings cater to a spectrum of industries, from logistics and warehousing to retail and manufacturing. Should your operations demand fast, precise weight checks, our pallet jack with an integrated scale ensures accuracy with every lift. Delve into unparalleled weighing efficiency with NUWEIGH's standout pallet scales Australia range.

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Belt Weighing

We have expertise in all belt weighing, weightometer, and conveyor belt weighing systems, including NMI Trade Approved applications.

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Hanging Scales

Weigh suspended items, small parts, heavy equipment, or even animals. NUWEIGH has the range of hanging scales and capacity to suit any application.

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Scale Accessories

NWS NUWEIGH stock a complete range of accessories to suit your weighing application.

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Bench Scales

NUWEIGH have a full range of bench scales for both waterproof and dry areas. Our bench scales are NMI Trade Approved and come in a large range of platform sizes and capacities.

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Counting Scales

Our precision counting scales and digital weight scales improve the efficiency of stocktake and quality control through the in-built function to count and weigh.

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Crane Scales

Elevate your weighing experience with NUWEIGH's range of crane and hanging scales. Designed with utmost precision and state-of-the-art technology, our digital crane scales and digital hanging scales seamlessly blend functionality with reliability. Whether it's for industrial lifting, logistics, or trade applications, our crane scales and hanging scales are your partners in ensuring accurate weight measurements every time. With features tailored for various weight capacities – from robust 300kg crane scales to lightweight hand held scales – NUWEIGH's offerings cater to many requirements. Opt for our hook scales for a quick lift-and-weigh solution or dive into our collection of hanging weight scales for versatile and dependable weighing. At NUWEIGH, we don't just sell scales; we deliver a promise of unparalleled accuracy and performance.

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Weigh Beam Scales

Our weigh beam scales are a versatile weighing solution for an array of applications. We also provide Trade Approved options.

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Waterproof Scales

With a variety of IP ratings and stainless steel designs, NUWEIGH waterproof scales can be used in wet, saltwater, and corrosive environments.

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Forklift Scales

Elevate your lifting and weighing operations with NUWEIGH's premier forklift scales. Our scales seamlessly blend durability with precision, ensuring every lift is both safe and accurate. Whether you're in the market for robust forklift scales to handle heavy-duty tasks or looking for precise forklift weighing scales for inventory management, NUWEIGH has got you covered. Our forklift scale offerings are designed to meet diverse industrial needs, and we pride ourselves on delivering value without compromising on quality.

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Technical Brief
Oct 2023

Solar For Weighing


Rising costs call for creative solutions, and the NUWEIGH Solar Module will ensure that free resources – such as the sun – are best utilized to work for YOU.

Product Related
Aug 2023

High-Quality Floor Scales

BLOGS High-Quality-Floor-Scales-Install high-quality-floor-scales-2-small

NUWEIGH recently had the opportunity to solve a unique application.

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

Trade Approved Platform Scales

BLOGS Trade-Approved-Platform-Scales trade-approved-platform-scales-small

Have a look at our NUWEIGH Blue powder coated 3 tonne trade approved platform scale, with our JAC 101 indicator and IH 519 stand.

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

Waterproof Washdown Scales

BLOGS Waterproof-Washdown-Scales waterproof-washdown-scales-small

NUWEIGH’S range of waterproof washdown stainless steel IP-rated bench scales are second to none. Our 316 stainless tubular washdown design with high IP rating loadcells and indicators, ensures we have the right product for the harshest environments.

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

How Secure is Your Weighbridge?

BLOGS How-secure-is-your-weighbridge Anti-fraud-Sensors-lr-768x402

NUWEIGH offer a range of weighbridge accessories and options for both new and pre-existing weighbridge systems. These additional features are designed to ensure your weighbridge is user-friendly, highly functional, and always operating at its full potent...

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

NUWEIGH are the custom-made scale specialists.

BLOGS custom-made-scale-specialists. custom-made-scale-specialists-small

NUWEIGH can provide all forms of custom-made scales to suit the requirements of a wide variety of industries.