Custom and Bespoke Weighing

Scales Built to Design

NUWEIGH can design and manufacture scales to suit your exact requirements with our own in-house engineering and drafting staff. With extensive experience in the weighing equipment industry, your custom-built scale meets all the Australian Standards of manufacture.

Custom Weighbridges

NUWEIGH specialise in design and manufacture of heavy industrial weighbridges. From off road heavy axle group weights and wide load trucks, to mining and rail weighbridges, we can do it all in-house. The most important part of any custom weighbridge installation is the foundation. This is normally overlooked by companies who focus on the sale of the weighbridge rather than the foundations works. At NUWEUGH, we have extensive experience with providing full civil foundation construction advice and design drawings, using our own engineering and drafting team. We will provide you with a custom weighbridge that will not fail and give you a long-term solution.


Bespoke Functionality

With our experienced computer and electronic engineers, we have the capability in house to design a scale that will function exactly to your application and specifications. Our technical engineers can write the software and firmware for any of our highly advanced programmable scale weight indicators giving you a bespoke solution to meet your unique requirements.


Custom Scales

NUWEIGH have been manufacturing scales and weighing equipment for clients’ custom applications since 1976. From special platform scales to skip bin and container weighers, we can make any scale platform you need. We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we take the time to understand our clients' unique requirements. With our in-house engineering team, we tailor our solutions to help our customers achieve their objectives. At NUWEIGH we know weighing and you can trust our advice and quality of any custom scale we design.


Tailored Service Plans

NUWEIGH is dedicated to providing clients with a range of service and maintenance plans that are designed to meet their specific needs. We understand that each business has unique requirements when it comes to service and maintenance, which is why we offer a variety of preventative maintenance programs that can be tailored to match your scales or weighbridges. Whether it's a one-time service and calibration or a comprehensive maintenance program, we provide flexible solutions that can be customised to match clients' budgets and schedules. From preventative maintenance to emergency repairs, our plans cover everything clients need to keep their weighing equipment and systems operating at peak efficiency and weighing accurately. NUWEIGH only use experienced weighing technical engineers you can trust our service. 24 hours 365 days a year.

Custom Weighing Products

product-images skip-bin-weigher-ih-weigher-thumb-gy9Xo

Skip Bin Weigher

IH Weigher

The NUWEIGH Skip Weighers have been designed for the weighing of Skip Bins of any size. We can design, certify and manufacture in fast lead times a weigher to suit your exact requirements. Ask our sales team today about the Life-Time warranty on our skip bin weighing systems.

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product-images ridge-series-ih-ridge-thumb-NJfh2

Ridge Series

IH Ridge

The NUWEIGH® Ridge Series concrete weighbridges are designed to Australian standards and are manufactured using more structural steel than any weighbridge on the market. The heavier the load, the better our weighbridge load system works. Learn more from our weighbridge experts.

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product-images whiteridge-series-ih-whiteridge-thumb-6FxDl

WhiteRidge Series

IH WhiteRidge

The NUWEIGH® WhiteRidge Series weighbridge is a full steel design suitable for permanent, long term and portable applications and is also perfect for inground pit-type installations. Featuring the very latest NUWEIGH® load cell technology and a lifetime warranty. Talk directly with the manufacturer about your weighbridge application - we offer full site surveys and advice for any weighbridge project.

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product-images axle-pads-ax40-thumb-CgoWu

Axle Pads


NUWEIGH's Heavy Duty Blue Axle Pad system is designed for weighing heavy vehicles.

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product-images powder-coated-floor-scale-ih1949-thumb-Dh7ib

Powder Coated Floor Scale


NUWEIGH'S IH1949 NMI Trade Approved Powder Coated Floor Scales are affordable, quality scales utilising precision loadcells with reliable indicators available in various sizes up to 3000kg.

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