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NUWEIGH INSTALL 22m Whiteridge Weighbridge

NUWEIGH have been very busy installing our Whiteridge Steel deck weighbridges across the country. The Whiteridge bridge is an in house design.

Using our Double ended shear beam loadcellls the JAC 8000, the whiteridge is unlike our opposition.  These are very portable or long term fixture.

All loadcells are accessiable from the deck top and cleaning from the top. They come in lengths from 5.5m to beyond 55m.

Single or multi deck design, the whiteridge is the answer for a most rugged

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NUWEIGH INSTALL 22m WhiteRidge Weighbridge

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Dec 2023

The NUWEIGH difference

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Orders big or small, we take pride in them all.

Technical Brief
Oct 2023

Solar For Weighing


Rising costs call for creative solutions, and the NUWEIGH Solar Module will ensure that free resources – such as the sun – are best utilized to work for YOU.

Product Related
Aug 2023

High-Quality Floor Scales

BLOGS High-Quality-Floor-Scales-Install high-quality-floor-scales-2-small

NUWEIGH recently had the opportunity to solve a unique application.

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

Trade Approved Platform Scales

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Have a look at our NUWEIGH Blue powder coated 3 tonne trade approved platform scale, with our JAC 101 indicator and IH 519 stand.

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

Waterproof Washdown Scales

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NUWEIGH’S range of waterproof washdown stainless steel IP-rated bench scales are second to none. Our 316 stainless tubular washdown design with high IP rating loadcells and indicators, ensures we have the right product for the harshest environments.

Technical Brief
Jun 2023

How Secure is Your Weighbridge?

BLOGS How-secure-is-your-weighbridge Anti-fraud-Sensors-lr-768x402

NUWEIGH offer a range of weighbridge accessories and options for both new and pre-existing weighbridge systems. These additional features are designed to ensure your weighbridge is user-friendly, highly functional, and always operating at its full potent...