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NUWEIGH’s Intelligent Checkweigher Lights Ensure Precision and Accuracy.

NUWEIGH’s Check Weigher Lights are a reliable option for accurate applications in quality control, counting, stocktaking, testing, sample weighing and when precision is essential. This innovative system assists you and your business in ensuring products are packaged to the correct weights and quantities. This is a suitable option for industries in the production of food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more.

The example below is programmed to show green when the product weighs 1kg (a +/- 100gram tolerance is programmed) orange when the product is below 0.9kg and the red light is shown when the weight is over 1.1kg. NUWEIGH can customise the Check Weigher Lights to suit any specifications and requirements.

How will a Check Weigher weighing system benefit your business?

  • Improve quality assurance and avoid incorrect order dispatch
  • Assist to eliminate human error
  • Improve efficiency within your workplace
  • Avoid additional labor and material costs
  • Assists employees with language and literacy barriers

NUWEIGH can manufacture our Check Weigher Lights to suit our range of bench, counting and platform scales. The target weight or count amount is easily set via the keyboard and results are shown on the high-quality LCD displays. Tare, zero and sample count feature’s are essential functions across our range that assist to make an overall user friendly and high-quality scale.

NWS NUWEIGH is licensed to verify for NMI Trade Approval which permits the user to sell goods in any industry where the price of the goods is based upon the weight of the product.

If our Check Weigher Lights suit your requirements, contact the weighing experts at NWS NUWEIGH on 1800 684 554 or email [email protected] today.

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NUWEIGH’s Intelligent Checkweigher Lights Ensure Precision and Accuracy.

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