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Dynamic Cabinet Indicator


The SWN790 is a highly programmable dynamic weight indicator. Which can display flow rate, belt speed, and tonnes per hour on the crystal clear full graphic LCD display. This indicator is suited for all cabinet mount installations and has multiple output communications protocols the SWN790 can display accuracies of 0.25%.


Below you will find just a few key points on a genuine Trademark NUWEIGH product. Click below for our factsheet to read more. We are a reputable manufacturing scale company with 300 years of combined experience, our scales and weighing equipment are supported with professional advice and after-sales service that is second to none. We will not forget you after the sale.

  • Rugged industrial design
  • Waterproof keypad
  • Clear, easy to read graphic display
  • High accuracy with 3-point linearity adjustment
  • Configurable security password protection
  • Simple calibration and programming with user prompts
  • Cabinet Mount Indicator

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