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Portable Axle Pads


The XTR786 features a low profile of only 33mm and weighs only 20kg, ensuring this weighing system is the ideal choice for portable on-road weighing. The popular XTR786 model utilises 6 high-quality load cells to provide a capacity of 10,000kg by 10kg, with other models available up to 20,000kg upon request. All models are designed with an ergonomic handle, integrated wheels for easy positioning, and a lightweight, yet heavy-duty structure. NUWEIGH’s Axle Load Pad’s are durable and accurate, lasting up to 600hrs of operation on a Li-ion 18650 battery. Additional rubber ramps allow a seamless transition for the vehicle onto each axle pad.


Below you will find just a few key points on a genuine Trademark NUWEIGH product. Click below for our factsheet to read more. We are a reputable manufacturing scale company with 300 years of combined experience, our scales and weighing equipment are supported with professional advice and after-sales service that is second to none. We will not forget you after the sale.

  • 10t and 15t capacity
  • 6 patented load cells in each pad 
  • Weigh each axle accurately 
  • Full wireless function to remote indicator control unit. 
  • Each pad has a weight display 
  • 100 metres wireless range 
  • Zigbee wireless technology 
  • Super low 33mm profile. 
  • Li-Ion Battery 
  • End wheels for easy maneuvering 
  • Urethane Ramps included

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