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With the ever-increasing reliance on weighbridges for daily operations within the heavy vehicle industry, regular servicing and maintenance is vital to ensure they are always operating at their optimal performance. NWS NUWEIGH encourage the implementation of a preventative maintenance schedule to lessen the likelihood of major breakdowns.

Combining weighing experience of over 200 years, NUWEIGH are experts in all facets of weighbridge engineering, repairs, calibration and verification making us the market leaders in the weighing industry. With a strong approach to routine weighbridge servicing NWS have the capabilities to provide fast, reliable, professional service for all your weighbridge needs. We are able to provide a calibration certification on all weighbridges which guarantees the continual accuracy of your weighing equipment.

Why do we recommend preventative maintenance and regular servicing of your weighbridge?

  • Regular servicing increases the life expectancy of your weighbridge and associated components
  • Annual maintenance ensures your weighbridge is always weighing accurately and operating at its peak performance
  • Major load cell damage and failure is the most common cause of not being vigilant in the servicing of your weighbridge
  • For new weighbridge installations NUWEIGH offer a lifetime warranty on the load cells when a PMS is undertaken
  • Reducing the likelihood of major breakdowns, eliminating potential profits loss, emergency repairs
    and ensures a safe operating weighbridge

Call 1800 684 554 or email [email protected] to speak to a weighbridge expert and discuss how we can customise a service agreement to suit your application and environment.

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Weighbridge Servicing and Preventative Maintenances

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Jun 2023

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