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Flexible, versatile and modern, ClearWeigh is designed to provide any weighbridge site with a whole of business weighbridge management solution. ClearWeigh is a robust and easy to use application that utilises the latest technology to deliver compliance and security. As perfectly suited to single site organisations as it is large, multi-site organisations, ClearWeigh promises improved efficiency at the weighbridge, reduced administration overheads and better access to detailed data for improved weighbridge reporting. With both Cloud and On-Premise options available, our team of professional software engineers are always available to discuss the specific needs of your organisation. The way forward is Clear with ClearWeigh.


Designed and developed in Australia, and with facilities and resources in every state, ClearWeigh leads the industry in weighbridge management and automation solutions.ClearWeigh’s modular design and highly-configurable interface supports an extensive range of external hardware devices that allow each site to be individually configured.

Below you will find just a few key points on a genuine Trademark NUWEIGH product.

  • Detailed EPA reporting
  • Cloud Services
  • API Integration Capabilities
  • 24hour Support
  • Custom reporting application with auto-reporting facility
  • Flexible product pricing and product movement tracking
  • Adaptive Touch Screen Interface
  • Automated reporting
  • Unattended and automated solutions
  • Chain of Responsibility compliance
  • NMI Legal for Trade
  • Mobile Tablet Application

Experts in Automation

With in-house software development and manufacturing capabilities, the ClearWeigh Automated Management Suite provides organisations with a customisable and scalable automated weighbridge solution. Our systems incorporate several unique hardware and software combinations developed internally to service all organisations where weighing is a core part of the business.

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API Integration

API integration is the connection between two or more applications via their APIs, a tool that has become increasingly important in maximising business efficiency and productivity through automation. With a focus to improve automated business processes, ClearWeigh offers flexible integration options supported by a team of software development professionals who are ready to work with your third-party application vendors to bridge the gap between the weighbridge and your key line of business software.

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Best in Waste Management

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Following the success of its predecessor WasteMan 2G, ClearWeigh incorporates the experience gained through three decades of developing solutions for the Waste Management Industry. Our expertise in Waste Management is reflected in the rich feature set that boasts waste specific tools such as Advanced and Automated EPA Reporting, detailed auditing, Transfer Station specific applications, Web Reporting and integration with leading waste and finance platforms such as MYOB, TechOne, QuickBooks. This in conjunction with data pool integration, flexible built in and integrated voucher tools as well as hosted cloud options, ClearWeigh is Australia’s most advanced Waste Management system making NWS Australia’s preferred Waste Management partner.

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