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Wireless Ingredient Scale


NUWEIGH's J310 Wireless Ingredient Scale was designed to make your task much easier! The J310’s indicator uses a wireless connection to link with the measurement platform. This makes it easy to weigh large objects where a traditional indicator might get in the way. The convenient hands-free tare function allows the user to simply wave in front of the indicator to tare off weight, making for fast and hygienic food preparation. The stainless steel platform can be easily removed and washed, making clean up a breeze! Heavier items are easily weighed with the slim 4cm profile and large measurement platform.


• Wireless display (connect up to 3 measurement platforms)

• Hands-free tare function for improved efficiency and hygiene

• Easy to read remote display

• Wireless remote display can be placed nearby and out of the way

• Unit switch (kg/lb)

• Tare, Zero, Hold

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