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Fishing Scale


NUWEIGH's CHR421 20kg Fishing Scale is compact and ergonomic in design, and able to be held easily in your hand to weigh fish and other items. It's incredibly lightweight, accurate and able to be stored in a tackle box or even in your pocket.


Below you will find just a few key points on a genuine Trademark NUWEIGH product. Click below for our factsheet to read more. We are a reputable manufacturing scale company with 300 years of combined experience, our scales and weighing equipment are supported with professional advice and after-sales service that is second to none. We will not forget you after the sale. 

  • Capacity: 20kg x 0.01kg
  • Power Options: 2 x AAA batteries
  • Material/Finish: Heavy-duty ABS housing
  • Display: 14mm easy read display
  • Weighs in oz / kg / lb
  • Includes carry case
  • One touch ZERO function
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