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Platform Scale


NUWEIGH's NMI Trade Approved JAC929 Platform Scales is the most reliable platform scale on the Australian market. Featuring Dual Range accuracy and a robust base with massive overload protection, the JAC929 ranges in capacities from 30kg to 300kg and is suited to a variety of industries.


Below you will find just a few key points on a genuine Trademark NUWEIGH product. Click below for our factsheet to read more. We are a reputable manufacturing scale company with 300 years of combined experience, our scales and weighing equipment are supported with professional advice and after-sales service that is second to none. We will not forget you after the sale. 

  • 3 Dual Range Capacities:
  • 30/60kg x 10/20g
  • 60/150kg x 20/50g
  • 150/300kg x 50/100g
  • Platform Size:300 x 400mm or 420 x 520mm
  • Power Options: 240v and internal rechargeable battery
  • NMI Trade Approved
  • Material/Finish: Stainless steel platter
  • Display: 26mm backlit LCD display
  • JAC101 indicator Included
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